Product outline

ULE-50 is a digital contact sensor designed for use with FS2000 and F381A-LDI.

  • 50mm stroke for various workpieces.
  • Robotic cable for installation on moving parts.
  • Ideal for use with FS2000,F381A-LDI indicator.
  • By using it with a load cell and “FS2000,F381A-LDI” force vs. displacement measurement can be performed!!!
  • Seamless connection
    • It can be directly connected to our indicators with a cable only.
    • Since, no amplifier is required, cable installation can be performed easily.
  • Wide measuring range & high-accuracy
    • Stroke: 50mm
    • Resolution: 2.5µm
  • High noise immunity
    • RS-422 data communication system with the enhanced noise immunity.
  • Applications
    • Force vs. displacement measurement (with our load cells and indicators).
    • Accuracy check of positioning stages
    • Height measurement after riveting or crimping
    • Screw height inspection
Example of use: Press-fitting with force vs. displacement measurement