Fields of applications
  • Optical line guidance for automated guided vehicles and carts (AGVs/AGCs)
  • Line guidance on conventional adhesive tapes based on luminescent technology
  • Position determination with bar code reading function as well as transmission of distance information or drive commands
At a glance
  • Detection of luminescent adhesive tape
  • Very high signal-to-noise ratio (~1:1,000)
  • 180 mm reading field (up to 3 lines can be read at the same time)
  • Output of deviation from line center point and reading out of bar codes
  • Insensitive to ambient light, contamination or glare
  • Compensation for surface defects
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 1 mm
  • CANopen and Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Your Benefits
  • Rugged and accurate, insensitive to ambient light, contamination or surface defects
  • Independent of base material or color
  • Simple line shifts and route changes by attaching conventional adhesive tape
  • Small curve radii of up to 0.5 m possible
  • Large reading field enables flexible line shifts (branches, junctions)
  • Reading bar codes makes it possible to transmit distance information or drive commands and simplifies vehicle control
  • Cost efficient compared to camera solutions
  • Low installation costs
The OLS is a line guidance sensor based on luminescence technology. It detects conventional luminescent adhesive tape regardless of the background, contamination or surface defects and reliably outputs the deviation from the center of the line. Line shifts can be made flexibly with adhesive tape and are also possible in small curve radii of up to 0.5 m. In addition, the OLS offers the option of reading 1D codes during the overrun and thereby transmitting distance information or drive commands. A CANopen and an Ethernet interface as well as the integrated web server enable simple installation and commissioning. The OLS is therefore the most cost-effective solution for line guidance with a focus on ruggedness and flexibility.