Fields of applications
  • Robot applications in all industries
  • Loading and unloading as well as assembly of machines
  • Mounting
  • Packaging and palletizing
  • Drilling, screwing, gluing, polishing
  • Lasering and inspecting
At a glance
  • Adjustment of the robot conditions to the worker position
  • Initiation of robot safety-rated monitored speed
  • Automatic restart with sequence monitoring
  • Performance level PL d, category 3 (EN ISO 10218)
  • Easy integration due to supplied function block
  • Can be integrated into common robot controls
Your Benefits
  • Unlimited and safe access – protection of the hazardous area
  • Reduces downtimes, optimizes the worker’s processes, increases productivity
  • 2-stage reduction and increase in robot speed reduces wear, thereby increasing the life duration of the robot
  • Easy integration into the control of all common industrial robots
  • Low installation effort reduces costs
  • Future-proof as it can be expanded flexibly and easily adapted to the robot environment
  • Proven combination of reliable safety components from SICK integrated in a tried-and-tested safety system
SICK has created the Safe Robotics Area Protection safety system for protecting cooperative, freely-accessible robot applications. It combines the functions of a safety laser scanner with the Flexi Soft safety controller.

The safety system ensures the initiation of a safely monitored robot speed and thereby free, secure access to the robot by the worker. If interrupting the process is necessary, the robot is stopped. When the operator has left the hazardous area, the robots restarts automatically thanks to additional sequence monitoring. This reduces downtimes and optimizes the worker’s processes, both of which increase productivity.

The safety system can be integrated easily into robot controls and expanded flexibly.