Fields of applications
  • Machines requiring average to complex safety logic, e.g., presses and laser cutting systems
  • Machines with a large number of doors and flaps that require protective measures, as well as with decentralized safety paths, such as packaging machines
  • Modular machine concepts and networked safety functions
At a glance
  • Safety controller with modular hardware platform
  • Configuration saved in the system plug
  • Safe controller networking with Flexi Line
  • Safe series connection with Flexi Loop
  • Safe drive monitoring
  • Safe analog value monitoring
  • Flexi Soft Designer license-free configuration software
Your Benefits
  • Modular adaptation to the particular requirement means optimum scalability and therefore cost savings
  • Intuitive configuration software featuring comprehensive functions for straightforward engineering
  • Rapid verification of the safety application: The configuration software provides documentation and a wiring diagram
  • The main module’s diagnostics interfaces and the configuration storage facility in the system plug enable rapid commissioning, component replacement, and troubleshooting, resulting in minimum downtimes
The Flexi Soft safety controller can be programmed via software. Thanks to the modular hardware platform, Flexi Soft provides a tailored and efficient solution for a whole host of safety applications. A wide range of modules are available: main modules, gateways, digital and analog input/output modules, Motion Control modules, as well as relay modules. The license-free Flexi Soft Designer configuration software enables intuitive programming, rapid commissioning, and continuous diagnostics down to the automation level. Functions to enable safe controller networking, safe series connection, or safe drive monitoring reduce costs and boost productivity. A whole host of additional functions means that Flexi Soft is able to bridge the gap to system solutions from SICK.