Fields of applications
  • For intelligent safety sensors and safety laser scanners
  • For simple safety sensors without restart interlock and external device monitoring, such as STR1 or TR4 Direct transponder safety switches
  • For evaluating dual-channel switching contacts such as those found in emergency stop pushbuttons
  • For evaluating two-hand control units of type III C (EN 574)
At a glance
  • Safety relays for monitoring ESPE and safety switches
  • Up to PL e (EN ISO 13849), SIL3 (IEC 61508)
  • 2 safety outputs, fast response time of 10 ms
  • Slim housing
  • Plug-in terminals
  • Diagnostics via status LEDs and application diagnostic outputs
Your Benefits
  • Short safety distances owing to fast response times for compact machines and a high level of productivity
  • Short maintenance times and low maintenance costs during module replacement thanks to plug-in terminals and the simple method of removing the safety relay from the mounting rail
  • More space available in the control cabinet thanks to the slim housing
  • Intuitive troubleshooting due to versatile diagnostics interfaces
  • Easy wiring and installation – only one connection diagram required per module
The safety relays from the ReLy product family monitor safety functions or safety sensors up to performance level e. The ReLy portfolio is clear and concise. Each of the four ReLy modules contains everything that a modern safety relay needs. Two contact paths for switching off machines safely. Fast response time of 10 ms for short safety distances. Plug-in terminals for short maintenance times. A slim housing for added space in the control cabinet. Versatile diagnostics options for quick and easy troubleshooting. Simply the sensor type to be connected determines which product is the right one to choose.